About us

LvL Up Esport Medical Center is situated in the heart of Malmö, Sweden.
In Södervärn, a place where healthcare meets the every day life, we feel closely connected to the lifestyle of modern human. With the LvL Up-program we have created a digital movement bank specific for gamers and accessible to everyone in their pocket phone or tablet. We focus on the main stats that most gamers value and have in common.

Strength, Agility, Stamina and Intellect. The four cornerstones of healthy gaming and to become a better gamer.
We provide a social platform for you and your allies. Just add them in your friends list!
You can follow your own individual workout progress thru a state of the art health application. We provide services as individual coaching and group coaching as well as regular challenges that you can do in solo or in a party.

Any question regarding the programs, coaching services or collaborations:
contact: info@lvlupemc.com

If you experience any technical issues please contact appsupport@twiik.me