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The following definitions are used in the agreement.

  • User - You who use the Service and have a registered account in the Service.
  • LvLUp -The solution produced by WellnessTech Labs International AB, includes all services platforms and companies owned and operated through WellnessTech Labs International AB.
  • The Service - Includes Webpages, Applications, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Instructions, and all content and functionality provided by LvLUp, LvLUp’s partners and LvLUp’s members.

Some of the main points in brief:

  • Be careful of your body. You exercise and follow instructions at your own risk. Always check with your doctor first.
  • LvLUp provides digital tools and information, but not equipment, gym cards or the like that may be needed to fully utilize the service. Make sure you have everything you need.
  • Have fun and be nice to each other in social areas.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Subscriptions will continue until you cancel them.
  • Started and paid periods will not be refunded.
  • You waive your right of withdrawal when the service is digital and is delivered immediately upon completion of purchase.
  • LvLUp is entitled to handle all data you enter into the Service.
  • This is an open and social service. As such much of the data you enter can be viewed by other users, friends you add, in groups you join, by coaches you connect to and in challenges you join etc.
  • We can not guarantee you will reach the program's set goals, but we believe in you!
  • Obviously, we are backed up daily, but we do not accept liability for lost data, service interruptions or consequences thereof.
  • Groups, coaches or other providers you connect to or buy from within The Service will be able to access all your information within The Service or other services provided by WellnessTech Labs International AB

Termination, Payments and Right of Cancellation

You have no notice period or bind time. As soon as you complete the purchase, the service will be delivered to you digitally. The service is delivered without a right of withdrawal.

You pay for each purchase or period in advance. No refunds are made upon termination of service, program or subscription. In the case of ongoing payments or subscriptions without term of notice or notice period, all future payments will be terminated on the day of termination of the service or subscription. Payments already made will not be refunded.

If you want to advertise a program or, for a different reason, quit a purchase, contact

At your own risk - Disclaimer

The service is only intended to help the user with his or her own training, nutrition or habits. The user is responsible for choosing a program that suits the user's conditions. The user should discontinue the program immediately if it does not feel right or pain, etc. occurs. LvLUp is not a medical organization and The Service should not be used as, or as a substitude for, Medical Advice or diagnose by a health professional, and none of the material in the Service shall be considered such advice or diagnosis. Disclosures and reports provided in the Service by LvLUp directly or its partners shall not be used as a substitute for the consultation, evaluation or treatment of doctors.

The user is advised and recommended to consult a doctor before the Service or content of the service is used to ensure that the Service is appropriate for the User. The service is only for healthy adults. The service is not intended for use by minors, pregnant or nursing women or persons with any health, injury or illness. Such persons are especially advised to seek professional medical advice before using any of LvLUp's services. Before commencing any weight loss program and before using the Service, the User shall ensure that he / she is not underweight.

All exercise of the Service, including but not limited to, exercise, exercises, diets, dietary habits and other similar activities, occurs at the User's own risk. LvLUp or LvLUp's partners are not liable for damage, accidents, illness, death or other consequences that may derive from the User's use of the Service. The user is responsible for checking all advice, instructions and instructions with a doctor or other expert before following or implementing them. The user is also responsible for ensuring that he has the knowledge, technology, equipment, physical ability and other conditions required to perform exercises, workout or other instructions. The user is also required to hold LvLUp harmless from any claim that third party may target LvLUp as a result of the User's use of the Service or dissemination of information from the Service.

Service scope and results

LvLUp does not provide any physical products, equipment, training, membership, entry, or tools that may be required to implement or share training programs, dietary advice, exercises, or anything else available in the Service. It is the user's own responsibility to ensure that they have access to what may be required to fully utilize LvLUp's Services.

LvLUp leaves no guarantee that the User achieves the desired result through the use of the Service. The user disclaims any right to claim any claims against LvLUp or Twika's partners in the event that the goal or desired results are not met. The user shall harm LvLUp and LvLUp's partners harmless for direct and indirect costs or other consequences that may arise due to non-performance or performance. This also applies to claims made by third parties as a result of the User's use of the Service.

Lost data and interruptions

LvLUp is not responsible for or replacing users for lost data under any circumstances. LvLUp's liability to the User in connection with this Agreement is limited to damages caused by intent on the part of LvLUp. Provided that LvLUp has not acted intentionally, LvLUp is not responsible for (a) loss, damage or other consequence that may affect the User due to delayed, corrupted or corrupted data, interruption, non-delivered data, incorrectly delivered data or similar events, or (b) consequences that may affect Users about another person or user - consciously or unconsciously - gain access to somebody's data resources and disturb or obstruct information transfer.

The user is also required to hold LvLUp harmless from any claim that another user or third party may target LvLUp as a result of the User's use of the Service.

Data Right

LvLUp owns the right to all content in the Service and the User undertakes not to use the material other than for personal use in the context of the intended use of the service. Any dissemination, copying or sharing of the content of the Service is prohibited and may result in damages against the User for any financial loss and consequential costs. The content referred to in this paragraph includes, but is not limited to, source code, intangible assets, instructions, passports, video, images, graphics, logos, texts and program structures. The user shall also hold LvLUp harmless for claims made against LvLUp by third parties as a consequence of the User's breach of the prohibition in this paragraph.

Suspension and Attendance Rules

We reserve the right to turn off members who do not comply with the rules we set or otherwise behave inappropriate in the service. Incorrect behavior includes, but is not limited to, inclusion of unauthorized code, swear words and illegal posts in forums, blogs, guest books or profiles, boring attitude as well as advertising. LvLUp reserves the right to self-assess what constitutes inappropriate behavior. Suspension is always preceded by a warning to the email registered by the User in the service.

Rights to information, personal data and integrity

LvLUp stores the user information required to distinguish accounts and the functions that exist within the service. LvLUp is hereby given the full right to handle and process any data that the User stores in the Service or Stores through Connected Third Party Services such as data imports from other services or products. LvLUp has the right to use and display this information within the scope of the Services. The User undertakes to hold LvLUp harmless against any claims arising from the User's publication or storage of data or content in the Service.

LvLUp does not disclose personal information to third parties other than that shown openly within the scope of the Service's Functions, unless otherwise stated in these terms. When purchasing training and dietary products / programs, the sender or the owner of the program may access contact information and purchase information regarding the User's purchase of their product. The user's email address may be used for mailing and offers from LvLUp AB and partners.

The user also agrees that the coaches responsible for the programs The user is connected to access the information The user enters their account in the Service.

The User accepts that information and collections of data based from the data entered by The User or third party connections can be accessible to others in challenges joined by The User. This includes, but is not limited to, profile information, top lists, team results, individual results, progression, workout summaries and workout statistics.

Other content in the service

LvLUp accepts no responsibility for what is written in forums, blogs, and elsewhere by other users. The User is responsible for not saving or publishing content in the Service that is contrary to law, regulation, copyright or otherwise not free to publish or use. The User undertakes to hold LvLUp harmless against any claims arising from the User's publication or use of such material.

Forum Rules, Blogs, and Other Social Features

The User undertakes not to write or convey information or opinions that contravene Swedish law, constitute advertising, contains unrecognized language, or fraudulent or otherwise misrepresented in any part of the Service. The tone should be nice and the user should treat the other members with respect. Posts in forums should also have the purpose of treating the topic the topic is processing according to the subject heading. Failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension from the forum and ultimately termination of the service in full, with loss of all information in the account as a result. We also reserve the right to discontinue members of the forum in individual cases if we judge their behavior as inappropriate according to criteria other than those mentioned herein. The user shall harm LvLUp from third party claims arising from the User's publication or posting within the Service.

Privacy policy

You can read our privacy policy here.